Tuesday, 6 January 2015

My Children - Haiku

The view of my life 
My boys are always sweeter than 
A glazed Strawberry

Happy Reading !! 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Review: Inside Out and Back Again

Inside Out & Back Again by Thanhha Lai

This is the moving story of one girl's year of change, dream, grief, and healing as she journeys from one country to anothe, one life to the next. This is the award winning novel.

The beauty of this book is that, the entire story is written in a form of poem, verses, which so much reminds me of Emily Dickenson's work. 

While i was reading, i found myself imagining as a child when i was in her situation, moving from  India to Canada leaving family and friends behind.

I'd like to quote some lines which, when i read i felt like its my own story. I believe, books don't change people, sometimes paragraphs do or sometimes even sentences. 

"Our lives
will twist and twist,
intermingling the old and the new
untill it doesn't matter 
which is which.

Eternal Peace:

Mother wears
her brown a'o da'i
brought from home.

Each of my brothers
wears a suit,
too small or too big.

I wear a pink dress
of ruffles and lace,
which i hate,
but at least
it's definitely a dress.

Each of us faces that altar,
holding a lit incense stick
between palms in prayer.

Father's portrait
stares back.

Mothers says,
We'll chant
for Father's safe passage
toward eternal peace,
where his parents await him.

She pauses,
voice choked.

Father won't leave
if we hold on to him.
If you feel like crying,

If you're not accostom to reading novel in verse this is the right choice.

Video Link: 

Inside Out & Back Again - Book Trailor 

This is novel is to millions of refugees in the world, may you all find home. 

Happy Reading !!

Friday, 2 January 2015

150 Books in a Year

This year I've pledged to read 150 books.

At first I thought "How can i read 150 book in 365 days? Did I challenge myself a bit too much? Cause my philosophy was "A book a week" But then i did a little math. 

If I focus on little books this year which has 150 pages, than focusing on big books like Stephen King,James Patterson, Daniel Steel, J.K Rowling or Nore Roberts !! I think I can achieve my goal. Now you must be thinking m just reading for the sake of reading or just to complete my goal. Not really, 150 pages books are worth reading too. Any book actually is worth reading irrespective of how many pages it contains. For example; "Heaven is for real" such a popular book which is less then 150 pages. Here is a link that will take you to "Popular Books Under 150 Pages" on Goodreads. I've read the reviews, they are books worth reading. 

A little math for all of us: 

I can read 50 pages in one hour. Thats 150 pages in 3 hours. I think we can read 150 books in 150 days? 1 hour early morning and 2 hours at night? Fair enough? 

Say if i don't stress myself too much and read 150 pages in 6 hours (i.e 2 days). I'd still finish 150 books in 300 days. M still left with 65 days for Stephen King, James Patterson .. all my top 5 authors. 

The bottom line is, if you have a goal and you know how to manage your time, m sure everything is possible. And m just not talking reading. 

What say? M I right or m I right? 

Share your thoughts. 

Happy Reading !! 

Monday, 1 December 2014

Review: The Stand by Stephen King

The Stand: 

My Quick Thoughts: This was an audio book for me. Stephen King is never enough to read. There are only few writers who narrates the story as uniquely as he does. 

I picked this novel for two reasons, knowing the fact that I wont be able to finish in the time I gave to myself as I was in between 2 books. I still chose this as an audio book. Firstly, because of all his past works and secondly, its believed to be the best novel of all times. 

"The Stand" is a novel about an deadly virus that kills the world at large from a very bad cold that generates from a U.S Government Lab. It takes only few weeks for the entire humanity to succumb to the disease. Only few survives to show their appearance. Of course in a plot like this, we have good guys some bad guys, a total different and a new form of government.

All characters were amazing and fully developed. I actually started loving them and didnt wanted them to die. This is a novel about the battle between good and evil in a lengthy epic style. We have Mother Abigail on good side and Flagg on the devil side. Flagg's character was a nightmare. There's Harold, Nick, Lloyd, Tom, Stu, Fran and Larry to name a few character. M not going to spoil it by saying who belongs where. The only thing you need to know is Nick is kickass deaf and mute, Tom is cool. I didn't bother about couple of characters but started liking them as was listening along. 

So to wrap it up, this is just not the king's novel, it is "The King's Novel" broke all his previous records. Would without a doubt recommend this to all King fans. One of the best of 2014. 

Happy Reading !!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review: Pegasus by Danielle Steel

Pegasus: A Novel

I got this novel when I was christmas shopping for my family last week at a book store. Books are the best gifts i can ever give to my children and myself too. Any day better.

Goodreads Review: 

Nicolas von Bingen and Alex von Hemmerle, titled members of the German aristocracy, have been best friends since childhood. Both widowers, they are raising their children—Nick’s two lively boys and Alex’s adored teenage daughter—in peace and luxury on the vast Bavarian estates that have belonged to their families for generations. While Nick indulges in more glamorous pursuits, Alex devotes himself to breeding the renowned white Lipizzaner horses that enthrall audiences throughout Europe with their ability to dance and spin on command, majestic creatures whose bloodlines are rare and priceless. But it is Nicolas’s bloodline that changes everything, when his father receives a warning from a high-ranking contact inside the Wehrmacht. A secret from the past has left the family vulnerable to the rising tide of Nazism: Nick’s mother, whom he never knew, was of Jewish descent. 

Suddenly Nicolas must flee Germany, wrenching his sons away from the only home they have known, sailing across the Atlantic for a new life in America. Their survival will depend on a precious gift from Alex, their only stake for the future: eight purebred horses, two of them stunning Lipizzaners. In Florida, where Nicolas joins the Ringling Brothers Circus, he becomes Nick Bing, with Alex’s prize white stallion—now named Pegasus—the centerpiece of the show.

In this extraordinary book, Danielle Steel tells the story of a family reinventing itself in America, while the country they left behind is engulfed in flames and madness, and men like Alex von Hemmerle are forced to make unbearable choices. Alex’s daughter will find sanctuary in England. In America, Nick will find love, his sons will find a future, and their left-behind world will eventually find them. A novel of hope and sacrifice, of tragedy, challenge, and rebirth, Pegasus is a brilliant family chronicle that unfolds across half a century—a masterwork from one of our most beloved writers. 

My Thoughts: 

A very a light read. Plot was boring, characters were too good to be true. In between the story keeps you engaged. Ending was interesting and I loved the way in the end horse saved the lives of two German families and reunited them once again, who got seperated during World War II. Overall its a good story, though, I've read even better books of Danielle Steel. This was not at that level. Should this novel have been editied once again before publishing? I'm sure would have been even better read.

Happy Reading !!